bronze sculpturebronze statue, animal bronze

Galerie Atena's sculpture collection includes an exceptional selection of bronze sculptures and antique statues dating from the 18th century to the Art Deco period. These pieces are offered in mediums such as gilded bronze, patinated bronze or a combination of bronze and other materials such as marble, alabaster or onyx.

The subjects of the antique bronzes are very varied, and include antique and mythological characters: Alexander the Great, Diogenes, Pan, nymphs, Pegasus, Psyche, Diana, Orpheus, Mercury, Susanna, Sarpedon, Narcissus, Venus, Phryne, putti and bacchantes. Allegorical figures complete this ensemble, with young women reading, playing with birds or triumphing, symbolizing Justice, Arts, Fame, Work or Strength. In addition to the bronze statues, there are vases, candlesticks, inkwells, fruit bowls, clocks and lamps decorated with bas-reliefs. Some animal bronzes show horses, panthers and other exotic animals.

Buy bronze statues signed by renowned sculptors such as Jean de Bologne, Édouard Drouot, Émile Louis Picault, Mathurin Moreau, Pigalle, Henri-Louis Levasseur, Ernest Rancoulet, Charles-Alphonse Gumery, Emmanuel Fremiet or Antonin Mercié.