Nidal Sioufi


Co-founder and director of Galerie Atena

Nidal was born into a family of antique dealers and art experts. Her studies in Art History were an obvious choice: her professional orientation had long since been chosen.


She has an in-depth knowledge of 18th and 19th century French Decorative Arts, but a real predilection for the Charles X period.

Frédéric Sioufi

Frédéric SIOUFI

Co-founder and manager of Galerie Atena

Frédéric's career path was the complete opposite of his wife's: after studying at theESCP business school, he left for the United States to obtain an MBA, before becoming a trader on the financial markets between Paris and Tokyo.


After fifteen years of excitement, adrenalin and above all stress, he decided to leave it all behind, to embrace the world of Art and its emotions.

Herbert Collado


Restoration and Packaging Workshop Manager

Herbert trained as a civil engineer. After several years in public infrastructure design, he worked as a cabinetmaker. He moved to France from his native Philippines, and in 2016 became manager of Atena's restoration and packaging workshop.


Today, he is capable of restoring most of the objects in the gallery: from cabinetmaking and gilding to carpentry, polishing bronzes, varnishing wood and electrifying lighting fixtures.

Zamen Ebrahimi


Restoration and packaging workshop craftsman

Zamen was born in Afghanistan. At an early age, he moved to Iran, where he began working as a cabinetmaker. He worked for 12 years as a workshop manager, making gondolas and customized stands for various structures and events, as well as furniture for private customers. 


He arrives in France in November 2018 and joins Atena's restoration team. He is in charge of cabinetmaking and restoring antique furniture, as well as preparing wooden crates for heavy and fragile objects.