Jewelry boxes, cases, kits

Galerie Atena offers a collection of antique chests and boxes for sale dating from the 18th and 19th centuries, which will interest antique collectors for their diversity, quality of workmanship and originality. Among our finest finds are wooden jewelry boxes, metal jewelry boxes, Baccarat crystal boxes, sewing kits, snuffboxes, beverage sets and exceptional solid silver housewares. Find among our objets d'art a box or a large jewelry box to offer or to add to your collection! Browse our online catalog to discover our finest ladies' jewelry boxes, liquor cabinets or silver services stamped by renowned 19th-century silversmiths. These rare pieces are finely decorated with wood marquetry, mother-of-pearl, tortoiseshell, micro-mosaics or feature hand-painted decorations on porcelain or glass. Gold and vermeil mounts complete the ensemble. Boxes range in size from small snuffboxes and jewelry boxes to very large dinner services for cutlery, tea and other beverages.

We can help you find the jewelry box, toiletry case or box you need to enhance your antique collection. Our experts will provide you with a wealth of knowledge on all our silver flatware sets, placemats and antique boxes. We look forward to hearing from you!