Antique inkwells, writing sets

From antique inkwells to writing utensils, Galerie Atena offers a fine selection of antiques for sale, including travel inkwells, fountain pens and complete desk sets in excellent condition.

Each object in our antiques collection takes you back in time to glimpse the practice of writing in the 18th and 19th centuries. The collection features some surprising items, including bronze writing boxes with mythological or antique subjects, Sèvres or Samson porcelain inkwells, or Restoration inkwells in the shape of sea animals. Some fascinating pieces complete this collection of writing sets, such as the Rocaille inkwells by Jacob Petit and the highly unusual Neoclassical armillary sphere-shaped desk inkwell.

Would you like to know the price of an antique inkwell? Would you like to equip your desk with an original accessory, full of history? Our selection of Empire, Charles X and Napoleon III inkwells in marble, bronze, mother-of-pearl or porcelain, available on our online antiques site, will satisfy the tastes of every collector! Some of these pieces are true works of art, decorated with bronze statuettes signed by famous sculptors, and floral or animal compositions in lacquer. Discover the world of old-fashioned writing and find the perfect writing set to add to your collection today!