Antique clocks, mantel clocks, wall sconces

How to integrate an antique clock into a modern decor? Clocks, once a sign of wealth and social distinction, are highly prized by collectors and antique enthusiasts for their beauty and the cachet they bring to an interior. Whether you're looking to buy an antique clock, a mantel clock or a wall clock, all our clocks are exceptional pieces, demonstrating true technical and artistic mastery.

A mantelpiece, a small clock, a Louis XV cartel, a gilded wall clock, a bronze clock adorned with sculptures, a porcelain table clock will add a touch of originality to your living room. Figurative clocks with mythological or allegorical subjects are masterpieces of their kind. Cathedral" clocks, Louis XVI clocks in marble and gilded bronze, Empire clocks and Rocaille-style wall clocks are masterpieces in our clock collection. Our online catalog offers collectors around the world a wide variety of antique clocks, including gilt bronze mantel clocks, Restoration clocks with genre scenes, 18th-century pendulum clocks, table clocks in marble, elm burl or other woods. More unusual pieces, such as "retour d'Égypte" style clocks and an oriental clock in cloisonné enamel, testify to the great diversity of the collection.

Our clocks date from the 18th and 19th centuries and are fully functional. The mechanism - made up of over a hundred parts, depending on the model, and with entanglements of varying complexity - is carefully cleaned and overhauled by professionals before being tested in our workshop. At Galerie Atena, you can buy antique clocks with confidence, guaranteed by our experts.