Galerie Atena was founded in 2001 by Frédéric Sioufi and Nidal Ouaiss. The couple joined forces in life and in their shared passion for works of art by opening a gallery in the heart of Paris, in the Louvre des Antiquaires, nearby the Louvre Museum.

Nidal is not new to the business, being herself the daughter of antique dealers and having worked for several years for the Ouaiss Gallery. As for Frédéric, he is passionate about 20th century furniture Design and interior design.

They quickly realized the importance of the Internet, and were among the pioneers of online sales in their field. The early development of their website enabled them to cope with the decline in visitor numbers to the Louvre des Antiquaires and customers' growing interest in contemporary art.

In 2014, they decided to organize themselves differently by leaving the Louvre des Antiquaires. They set up shop in a beautiful architect-designed house built in 1969, in Le Vésinet, which serves as a guest gallery where they exhibit 20th-century Design furniture.

At the same time, they open a large showroom in Montesson to display 18th- and 19th-century decorative objects and furniture. They also set up a large restoration and packaging workshop, as well as a photo studio. This new organization enables them to integrate the entire value chain and considerably reduce their costs, in order to offer their customers attractive prices.

Today, their eldest daughters, Naomi and Emma, are the third generation to continue the adventure. The two young women breathe new life into the business; Naomi contributes to the company's digital development and communication on social networks, and Emma completes the restoration workshop's range of skills.




For 20 years, Frédéric and Nidal have patiently selected each object for its beauty, authenticity and state of preservation. Their quest for rarity and quality of workmanship allows them to offer a choice of objects whose value does not depend on speculation or fashion. They both share the same passion for discovering new objects and do not hesitate to invest in unusual pieces. Their greatest satisfaction is to share this pleasure with their clients and to establish a lasting relationship based on trust and the love of beautiful things.




Galerie Atena has three locations in and around Paris, and welcomes customers by appointment only.


The large showroom, located in Montesson in the western suburbs of Paris, is dedicated to 18th and 19th century decorative objects and furniture: sculptures, lighting fixtures, furniture, collectors' items...


La guest gallery located in Le Vésinet, near Paris, is entirely decorated with objects and furnitureDesign. This exceptional place is a beautiful architect's house built in 1969, in which they live with their family.



 The Ouaiss Gallery is a family gallery dedicated to small precious and collectible objects. It is located in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, a stone's throw from the Place Beauvau and the Palais de l'Élysée, in the heart of the Paris Antiques Market.