Antique glassware, antique crystal : Baccarat, Murano, Desvignes

The history of glass goes back to ancient times. In ancient Egypt, glass objects were considered luxury items. Translucent or transparent, fragile but also very resistant once worked by glass craftsmen, glass fascinates by its properties and the finesse of its cut or engraved decorations.

At Galerie Atena, we have a fine collection of antique glassware from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries, including crystal and glass vases, candlesticks, candle holders, jugs, jewelry boxes, drinkware and other tableware. Our collection is completed by a selection ofpink and white "milky" opalines with Desvignes decoration. Shaped pieces, Murano chandeliers or perfume bottles, discover our blown, cut or molded glass objects signed by Jean-Baptiste Desvignes or the Portieux crystal works. Among the shaped pieces, we count decanters, plates, glasses and "dumb servants" in Baccarat crystal.

Each crystal or glass object in our collection is selected with the greatest care by our experts in antiques and antique glassware and are all in very good condition.