The mirrors: trumeau, beaded, Venetian...

Galerie Atena regularly renews its large collection of mirrors and offers a wide selection of different types of mirrors: overmantel mirrors, Venetian mirrors, Murano glass or beaded mirrors, you will find in our catalog, a vast choice of decorative mirrors from the eighteenth to the twentieth century.

The 18th century was a period of great transformation for the mirror industry in Europe. Manufacturing techniques were improved and designs became more elaborate, especially with the introduction of new frame styles. In the early 18th century, mirrors were mainly made in France, Italy and England. French mirrors were considered the most prestigious and were often made from imported Venetian glass. In the 18th century, the mirror was considered a symbol of wealth and prestige, and was often used to reflect light in large reception halls and royal chambers. The demand for elaborate and well-designed mirrors was therefore very high, which led to the emergence of a thriving industry throughout Europe.

The antique mirrors in our catalog reflect the importance of this object in interior design since the 18th century. Find now your exceptional piece on our online catalog.