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Bustin bronze with a medallion patina representing a handsome young man with soft eyes and butterfly wings. He is covered with a drape held by a bow on his chest. His bodice is decorated with a rose. In his curly hair is a butterfly. This could be Zephyr, the personification of the wind who, in the myth ofLove and Psyche, is responsible for carrying the young woman to the palace of Eros, the latter being represented in the form of a butterfly. It could also be a representation interpreted by the artist of Psyche (very feminine face but without breasts).

In Greek, the first meaning of the noun (psuchè) is "breath", from the verb (psuchô), "to pass a breath over". It designates the breath of life, or the soul, as opposed to the body. It also means butterfly. Psyche is the personification of the human soul. Psyche is a very beautiful woman, so Aphrodite is jealous of her and asks her son Eros (Love or Cupid) to make her fall in love with a repulsive being. Instead, he falls in love with her and asks Zephyr to take her away from her father who has abandoned her on a steep rock after the oracle of Delphi. Eros reaches her by night and begs her not to try to find out his identity. Urged on by her sisters and doubting her beloved, she takes advantage of her lover's sleep to light an oil lamp and accidentally burns him. Betrayed, he flees and she falls mad with grief and remorse. Aphrodite (Venus), learning of her son's affair with Psyche, locks him up in her palace and makes the lover undergo harsh trials which she finally overcomes with the help of the gods (Zeus or Pan), but during the last trial, which was to recover a piece of Persephone's beauty, her curiosity loses her once again and she falls into a deep sleep. Meanwhile, Eros, whose wound has healed, escapes from Aphrodite's palace and finds his beloved, whom he revives with his arrow. Moved by this story, Zeus allows their union and marriage in Olympus. Thanks to the ambrosia, Psyche becomes immortal and is given butterfly wings. The story of Love and Psyche was particularly popular in the 19th century.

Late 19th century

Circa: 1890

Condition Report: In good overall condition. light wear.

Dimension of the base: 14cm x 14cm

Era: 19th century
Style: Art Nouveau
Materials: Bronze
Identifier Exists False
LP : 3177
Width: 33 (cm)
Height 55 (cm)
Depth 28 (cm)
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