Painting of Venus Anadyoneme Suite Dionysos by Pôl Roux

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A large painting of Venus Anadyoneme, meaning "out of the waters", surrounded by two Giants, painted by Pôl Roux between 2007 and 2008 on cardboard mounted on a wooden frame. In the lower part of the painting, we can make out the conch of a shell, in the image of Botticelli's Birth of Venus. Our painting reveals a surprise, with another, different but equally interesting painting at the back. It reveals the artist's frenzy for painting.

Roger Paul Roux, known as Pôl Roux, was born on 15/11/1926 near Marseille. He began drawing at an early age, but life led him to alternate between working as a lumberjack and a shepherd in the Alps, where he enjoyed the beautiful countryside. Attracted to meditation, he became a novice at the Montrieux Carthusian monastery. A free spirit, he joined the Resistance during the war, then refused to obey orders during his military service in Carthage, Tunisia. He then married and became a schoolteacher in Marseille, where he studied at the Beaux Arts school, where he won several prizes. He took part in the movements of his time in May '68, then settled in an abandoned Carthusian monastery for a pastoral life far from the world and in sublime landscapes, without ever stopping drawing and painting. His works were exhibited and appreciated for their mystical power. In the 90s, he made regular visits to Senegal. Today, aged 97, he lives in the Tarn region of France and continues to paint tirelessly, having completed the decoration of the Church of Vaour.

Contemporary period,
Circa: 2007

Dim: L: 116cm, P: 2cm, H: 180cm.
Dim: W: 45,7in, D: ,8in, H: 70,9in.

Period Contemporary
Materials Cardboard
LP : 3373
Width : 116 (cm)
Height 180 (cm)
Depth 2 (cm)
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